“Whereas a lot of professional setups can be sterile and generic, I have always found Avi’s guitar work to be magical and tailor made for each of my instrument’s needs. I have highly recommended him to close friends and other professional guitarists and they all agree…Avi is the man.”

Christopher Traynor: Helmet/Bush/Orange 9mm.


“Avi is one of the few guys in LA that I employ to work on my old guitars as well as my new LsL guitars.

He’s a big part of the design features of the LsL CV Special, and I’m proud to have him as one of the key people behind this signature guitar. Avi rules!”

Carl Verheyen -Carl Verheyen band (cvb) and Supertramp.


“From a Gypsy Jazz Guitar to a 52 telecaster, Avi was the cleanest, most detail oriented i found. Your instrument will be in the best hands!”

Gonzalo Bergara.


Avi is the man. I trust him to work on my vintage guitars. I’ve had him a wide variety of jobs for me and it’s always been well done at a reasonable price. Thanks!

Nick Hexum ( 311 )


I had Avi set up an old tele for me and his work was, hands down, the best I had EVER encountered.

Every guitar I have had set up, in the end, I have always had a small complaint at the very least, but not with Avi.

I was so impressed with his skill and workmanship, I had him restore a 1965 Gibson 12-string, a 51 Tele and a 50 Tele,

re-fretted my 70 Strat and did amazing work on my custom built guitar, amongst others.

I would trust Avi with

my most valuable guitars. His work is FLAWLESS. I am currently pestering him to build me a guitar.

I simply cannot recommend Avi enough. He is the best.

Thanks Avi!!!

Buck Simmonds – Studio guitarist/session player as well as the guitarist for Nectar (LA Music Awards winner).


“Avi’s setup is bar none. My LsL T-Bone plays heavenly, and my cheap custom plays like buttah. All the best to your new business, Avi. Bakata-bakata!

Bart Javier.


“I never thought my guitar is so perfect…till you touched it, maaaan it’s awwwwesome now! You A-R-E my guitar groomer!!”

Meir Suissa.


“Repaired and Set up three of my guitars. Excellent work from an excellent guy. Couldn’t be happier.”

Kurk Stevens.


“Avi maintains both of my LSL instruments. The ‘Magician.'”

William Yates.


“Avi took care of a bunch of my guitars and did a sensational job!”

Raj Phanse.


“I just returned today from three weeks in South America and Europe, providing nightly beatings to my ’78 PBass which

still plays beautifully after an Avi setup months ago.

I’ve seen him make cheap guitars play like a dream and make dream guitars stay in perfect shape.

And every LSL axe I’ve touched has been impressive. You da best, bro! Keep up the good work.”

Justin Andres: The BellRays, Johnzo West, Maniac,Billy Ray Cyrus.


“When I had Avi setup my Les Paul for the first time, I was shocked. It was PERFECT when I picked it up!!! THE best setup ever done to it.

It’s like he knew exactly how I needed it to respond to me, and somehow made it happen! Every guitar he touches turns to gold.

I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without his magic touch. He will always have my business!!!”

Sean H. International song writer and producer, Guitarist for bands such as Smashmouth, Anna Nalick, Ferras, Judith Hill(Lead vocalist for Michael Jackson), Valora and more.


“After more then 175+ shows a year my guitars take a beating. Avi is the only one I trust to keep the tools of my livelihood in optimal condition.”

Kelly James.


“Avi, You are truely the grooming guru. When you put that Liki Liki on my nuts I go wild. Seriously,

I love the way that you personalize each setup for the players no matter how picky they are.

Now that I know you have a shop, let me know where it is and I’ll be there.”

Steve Trovato.


“Built two of my guitars from scratch under this guy’s guidance. I didn’t think it would come out better than I expected.

This guy definitely knows what he’s doing AND he’s so damn good at it. Head of assembly at LSL…enough said.”

Robie Canlas.


“Absolutely the best setup guy in the business. My Tele is a dream to play now. Thanks again Avi…”

Paul C. Marr.


“I have known Avi since he started at LsL. He is the only person I have set up and maintain my two LsL guitars.

Not only is he fabulous with guitars but he is a great human.”

Carl Rydlund.


“With his positive approach, Avishay took my acoustic guitar, which I thought was a lost cause, and revived it.

Apparently an acoustic guitar with a broken neck is an easy job for Avishay. God bless him.”

Joni Snow.


“My Highway One Tele looked pretty but I was never happy with the way it played… that is until Avi worked his magic! Now the guitar plays great,

the intonation is spot on and he adjusted the pickups too (I didn’t even realize the pickups needed adjustment till I experienced the difference at band practice after the fact.)

Wow… what a total difference! Thanks Avi, from me and my Tele! You’re the best!”

Don Tartaro.


“A guitarist’s instrument is more than a mere piece of wood wired with magnetic components, pegs, and screws.

A guitarist’s instrument is his loyal friend, a trusty companion, and an extension of his body and soul.

Avi Shabat has a delicate touch that can be seen and felt by the accuracy and precision of his work.

His punctuality, turnaround time, and prices are impossible to compete with…not to mention the amazing personality he has.

His vast experience and honest approach make it a pleasure to work with him over and over again.

I trust no one but Avi Shabat with my guitars.”

Gal Bushy of the band BushyStock.


“For over twenty years, I had been doing all the setup work on my guitars. I suppose I have some trust issues when it comes to my instruments.

After meeting Avi at LsL, watching his work and also getting to know him a little bit, I decided to ask him to take a look at

a Les Paul I had just received. When I got it back, it played like a dream.

I later asked him to set up a new Tele, which he instantly transformed into the most playable instrument I have ever touched.

I give Avi Five Stars for his work quality, meticulousness, and genuine talent.”

Arsam Ivari


“I cannot sing high enough praises for Avi. Not only is he a top rate luthier, but he is thoughtful and very intuitive,

which makes his repairs and setups quite flawless.

He is the ONLY guy who can keep my LsL T-Bone in shape and now he’s gonna have all the girls to keep running!”

Rick Zahariades


What can one say about Avi’s work? Nothing short of amazing. I gave him my two prized possessions to work on.

The first being a custom Taylor from years ago which needed a complete refret and set up.

The second being my 62 re-issue custom telecaster which was in dire need of a refret and set up as well.

Both guitars were done with a quick turnaround time and the work was some of the best I’ve ever had done.

I’m not one to give my instruments to just anyone with a work bench and tools.

Since Avi knew my style of playing, both guitars played flawlessly! Avi also didn’t gouge the hell out of my wallet either which was great.

I highly recommend him to anyone that needs guitar work. Can’t wait for him to start work on a custom guitar for me.

Thanks Avi!

Matt Weber



Nice guy,fast service,good job. He installed a GK-3 pick-up on my guitar. He Did a good set-up on my guitar and my bass also.

Thanks, again my friend.

Cesar Ani Cordova


Outstanding is the best word for Avi’s work,I have a brand new Fender Jazz Bass That needed to be set up And needed the pickup covers mounted.

He did a SUPER GREAT job!!! I tried it out when I picked it up and was super impresed !

But when I got home and pluged it into my amp “WOW” Not only did it play 100% better it sounded 100% better I can’t put it down.

My wife even noticed how much better me and the bass sound, I highly recomend Avi to anyone who’s looking for the best luthier Avi IS THE MAN !!

John Lembke


I found Avi’s website online and saw all of the positive reviews.

He is much closer than my usual guitar repairman so I figured that I’d give him a try and I’m glad that I did.

Avi set up 2 of my guitars and did a wonderful job, both guitars are much improved, they play much better now. I will return for sure.

Jonathan Merkel


“I brought Avi two acoustic guitars. One had a tricky neck angle problem and some need of fretwork.

The second, a Gypsy Jazz guitar, with a crack apparent and also in need of fretwork.

The first guitar was repaired and improved so as to make play the pleasure one anticipates with a good guitar.

The second upon Avi’s inspection w showing promise of having another crack and he fixed it in advance of trouble.

He is refretting it and I anticipate experiencing the same excellence of technique and talent and timeliness.

It is a gift to find someone so nice, so competent, and talented for instruments that are so much a part of one’s life, don’t you think?”

Christopher Pitney


“I’ve known Mr. Avi and his guitar work for going on 3 years now. We players know when we find a person we can trust with our beloved instruments.

Mr. Avi is one of those people. He’s the kind of guy who treats your instrument as though it were his very own.

His eye for detail is stellar and his setups are… Ooooh so sweet. Like BUTTER, I TELL YA! Speaking from experience, once you find the right guy…

You’ll jump through hoops and travel to the ends of the earth to have him take care of your Baby’s needs. Mr. Avi is… Indeed… The right guy.”

Cory Jordan


I am really picky about how my guitars play. I’ve been a professional guitarist for more than 45 years, and I’ve had hand problems,

so I’ve also had problems with luthiers, their egos, and getting the most out of my instruments.

Avi has a rare, seemingly effortless instinct for finding a guitar’s soul and matching it with a

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player’s needs.

I am awed by his wizardry, grateful for his humility, and honored by his friendship.

Matt A


“Hey Avi,

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for the incredible job you did making my 1955 Tele the guitar it was meant to be.

Your pro refinish job and expert set-up turned this longtime “back-up axe” into the best player in my arsenal.

I’m glad you did a “relic” finish on it, because it is going to get the kind of use in the future that warrants that look!

I’ll be back.”

Scot Hillman


“Avi, thank you so much for bringing my ’64 Jazzmaster back to life. It wasn’t an easy project and I knew you could pull it off.

Removing a coat of bad paint to bring back the original Candy Apple red was a difficult task and now the guitar is back to its original splendor.

The re-fret job is flawless and I’ve been really enjoying this guitar.

Thank you again and see you soon!!”

Andrea Bulletti


“I’d like to thank Avi, at Guitar Groomer, for all of his fantastic work on some of my favorite guitars.

2 re-frets, a challenging setup, and a complete replacement of my Strat’s electonics later and I feel like I’ve got a bunch of new guitars.

Absolutely impeccable workmanship and a great person to work with.

If you’re anywhere around the LA / Woodland Hills area, I can’t recommend him enough. Thanks Avi.”

Rick Gomez


Avi transformed my old beat up 1980 Explorer II into a work of art! His attention to detail is excellent – and no request is beyond him. He’s the man!

Kent Brisley of the band sturgeon .


I thought my guitar sounded good before i brought it to Avi, but he made it even better. He refinished/refretted/new nut/set up my les paul.

I was more than pleased. His work is second to none. The turnaround time is quick.

He’s very responsive to any and all questions and he kept me updated every step of the way.

He’s a great luthier and an even better person. Super nice and friendly. I will be bringing all my guitars to Avi from this point on.

I feel very fortunate to have found him



I am not a professional musician. I am a professional hobbyist!

Therefore,I am probably not able to discern all of the subtle nuances that someone for whom his instrument is his living is able to.

On the other hand, I play well enough to know that finding a luthier is at best a crap shoot that if you’re lucky ends in meager satisfaction,

and if you’re unlucky, forget it.

I found Avi on a whim, and brought him a relatively cheap guitar to modify.

It is now a superb guitar. Every bit as good as the expensive vintage guitar I brought to him next, which went from good to great.

The set-up is like nothing I’ve ever played. I am almost of the opinion that there is no point to buying an expensive guitar – Spend a little and let Avi do the rest.

I’ve referred another person to Avi and he was equally pleased. Thank you Avi!

Todd Mannis.


Why do I go to Avi?
Because everyone I know and trust in my guitar circle do.

Maybe my testimonial may not bring weight to you seasoned players but I hope this can persuade the regular joes out there (like myself).

When he recently worked on my Gibson Les Paul Supreme,

I noticed first hand just how meticulous he is with his craft. And now my ’59 PAF pups perfectly complement my Gibby!!!

Thanks a lot brother man!
the stonesteels,Francis Batungbacal.


We brought Shannon’s guitar to Avi to have a bridge repair done. Avi took our instument and totally repaired and refinished the top with masterfull expertise.

We are very happy with the finished product, timeliness in which the repair was done, and craftsmenship used in the repair!

He’s a keeper, 10 out of 10. Thanks Avi,


Jerry and Shannon.


Dear Avi,

Your talents are amazing and I appreciate your expert repair on my guitar.

Thank you so much for fixing it in such a timely manner and I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know who plays guitar.

Thank you again,


Jody Farber.


I brought my acoustic guitar to Avi to do a set up and fix the electronics, and he was a punctual and honest worker.

He called me the day after I brought it in, telling me it was ready!

It was truly a pleasure having him work on my instrument as he is a nice, trustworthy, and intelligent man.

I definitely recommend Avi’s services, and if I ever need fixing on my guitar again, I know who to call.

Thanks again!